What is this?

Often times we would like to get started with a particular technology but are confused where to start and which are the best resources to read online in order to best go about it. The Launchpad is a resource to address this, with web resources handpicked to get you started with various web technologies.

These are not reference pages, so if you simply need to know the syntax etc then go search on google or duckduckgo. These links are more about either having a good introduction to a particular technology, or a link which takes you though some insightful details.

This is a growing and living list. More topics and articles will be added with time. So keep checking back from time to time. The goal is to have, over time, a definitve (but as short as possible) list of resources for each important web topic.

If you want to suggest a particular resource be added (or removed) from this list, then please do leave a suggestion.


Accessibility > ARIA

Accessibility > WebVTT

Accessibility > Government Regulations

CSS > border-radius

CSS > Flexbox

Design > Typography

JavaScript > Promises

JavaScript > Service Workers

JavaScript > Misc

Best Practices > Responsive Design

Best Practices > Web Performance

Best Practices > Legacy Browsers